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Announcing effective September 1, 2016, Lawyers' Mutual Insurance Company will be adding $100,000 in cyber coverage to its new and existing policies for FREE!

What we offer


LMIC Declares 10% Dividend*!
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Company Information

We believe that helping our members protect and improve their practice is at the core of our mission. From the outset, we established a unique relationship with our policyholders. We were creating a California company for lawyers, directed by California lawyers. If you contacted LMIC, you could speak directly with an officer of the company... and that remains true today. We also offered superior loss prevention and contin
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Policies Offered

Lawyers' Mutual is an admitted carrier that provides various types of Programs and policies for California lawyers and their diverse range of practices. Our basic Standard Program offers limits of liability of $100,000 per claim/$300,000 annual aggregate to $5,000,000 per claim/$7,000,000 annual aggregate.


LMIC proudly provides FREE Cyber Coverage in the amount of $100,000 incident/aggregate with each of its policies.


We also offer specialized Programs and/or discounted premiums for lawyers licensed 3 years or less, Lawyer Referral Service members, lawyers acting as independent contractors,100% criminal law lawyers (Criminal Law Program II), 100% arbitration/mediation lawyers and for lawyers (or firms) whose practice is 85% or g

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Latest news

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